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Chameleon Launcher BETA on the Nexus 7

Tweet So a little time ago I pledged on Kickstarter to this very promising project called Chameleon. As you know I’m very big on Android because you really can conform it to yourself and your style. This Launcher shows allot … Continue reading

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NFC on Android – Demonstrated on Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

Tweet A very cool and cutting edge technology is NFC. Which allows communication between RFID/NFC Tags and Devices. What this means for us as users is the potential to do so much more with our smartphones. QR Codes are going … Continue reading

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The Nexus 7 vs the Xoom …Comparison Breakdown

Tweet I will let the video do the talking, only because I do way too much of it, but I think it is a solid comparison and can help you formulate a checklist of pros and cons to see which … Continue reading

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Connecting Mouse and Keyboard to Nexus 7 and OTG Android Devices Through USB Hub

Tweet Back to adventuring through the wonderous world of OTG. On our latest endevour lets break out the USB Hub and show it working on the lovely Nexus 7. There is allot of comments and emails about how the Nexus … Continue reading

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How To Setup Your Android Development Environment

Tweet So its something I’ve wanted to do since I started this up. How to make Android Apps. I’ve shown you how to customize your device in many ways. Android is wonderful for that and the final peice to the … Continue reading

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