How To Setup Your Android Development Environment

how to install eclipseSo its something I’ve wanted to do since I started this up. How to make Android Apps. I’ve shown you how to customize your device in many ways. Android is wonderful for that and the final peice to the puzzle is Applications themselves. The greatest thing about android apps is the tools necessary to make applications are FREE!!! And they work any typical platform (windows/mac/linux). You can create an app and share it with your friends, don’t even need the marketplace. So what I propose for those who are interested are easy step by step videos. I assume nothing, I will make the applications in their entirety in front of your very eyes. I will start off small and we can work our way up to somethign cool. Patience is needed as this is a big endevour I will be taking here and I will try to make this as fun as possible for you. One of the cool things I want to do is for those of you who do not want to participate, If the apps we make are cool enough to be desired, I’ll make them available free on the marketplace so you can try them out yourself. Now I’m not promising the next angry birds or evernote. But I will try to make apps that are useful and could potentially give you the building blocks to create something cool for yourself. But first thing is first…….
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Some Camera Love: Canon DSLR Hooked up to the Nexus 7

DSLR Canon Nexus 7Out of the box your Nexus 7 , Xoom, and other Android tablets can interconnect with many other different devices. Being able to connect your camera in a plug and play fashion really adds some nice features to your tablet with the ability to easily upload the photos on your device and view them on the beautiful screen, you can make basic edits, or even immediatly post to facebook/google+/ or other places. But the fun shouldn’t stop there. Androids open development platform allows for anyone to create wonderful camera apps including one that I will be showing you that allows you to control yoru Canon DSLR on your Android device using a very intuitive touch interface. This should be a good example to the possibilites that your Camera and Android Tablet can take you.

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Create Your Own Nexus 7 Smart Cover / Case

How to make a Smartcover for Nexus 7Hello Everyone! The nexus 7 has a few hidden tricks up its sleave and the magnetic smart case ability is definetly a great surprise to see working. The Nexus 7 is the first affordable 7″ tablet that really has the CPU and features to play with the big boys. With this in mind we really dont’ want to spend that much for a case or cover. So I purchased a cheap case off of amazon. Basic folio that can prop in landscape and it works well. With a little modification I integrated an almost seemleas magnet to the case and now I have a Smart Case. You can follow these steps or just use the principles to create your own case or cover. Thank you for watching!

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PC Gaming on the Nexus 7, Xoom, and Android Tablets using Splashtop HD

Diablo 3 on AndroidSplashtop HD presents a rather unique way to remotely connect to your PC/Mac. It has a high quality streaming for video and audio that allows to watch movies, play games, or do anything that you could on your computer right on your android device. There are however some limitations. So what I wanted to do is show you what these limitations are and where this app succeddes. And hopefully by seeing this you can get a better understanding if this app is for you or not.

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Wireless Xbox 360 Controller on Nexus 7 and Android Tablets with Spinning Camera Fix

how to fix spinning wireless controllerThis is by far my favorite video I have created so far. Not only has this helped me use the Xbox Controller on games I couldn’t play before, but it required me to tune into my Engineer Problem Solving to look at why the Wired Controller Worked fine and the Wireless didn’t. Double Win for me and hopefully a success for you as well. So first lets just talk about the setup. You need of course an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. You also need the lovely OTG Cable. One more investment is a Xbox 360 Wireless Dongle for the controller. This is mean for the PC but also works on the Android, and quite lovely on emulators. However some of the games out there are not working with the controller even though the n64 emulator was working great. GTA3 , Dead Trigger, and others. The steps needed to solve this one, at least for this solution is a rooted device. But don’t worry Nexus 7 and Xoom users, I already have videos on that. Then you need to download Terminal Emulator for Android and type in the following commands one by one

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