Rooting Your Xoom

Hello fellow ninjas in training. This page is dedicated to rooting articles that I have put together in the past.

How to Root your Xoom from Stock 3.1

Update your Rooted Xoom to 3.1 Without Losing Root (3G or WiFi)

General Solution and Explanation to Rooting Your Android Device

How To Root Your WiFi Xoom (Honeycomb 3.0)

How To Root Your 3G Xoom (Honeycomb 3.0)

64 Responses to Rooting Your Xoom

  1. No Way says:

    Thanks very much for the videos. I have a question about the 3G and WiFi Xoom, in your tutorials there is 3G Xoom and WiFi Xoom, in my case I have Xoom with both 3G and WiFi , so which tutorial apply to my Xoom ? Thank you very much.

    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      If you have 3G then your Xoom is a 3G Xoom. Also please note that my guide is for an United States 3G Xoom. If purchased in Europe the root method doesn’t work.

      Also make sure your OS 3.0. If you have the most recent 3.1 update this root will not work and brick your xoom. I have a 3.1 Root video coming out soon.

      • No Way says:

        Thank you very much for the valuable information. Is there any similar “European” rooting method that I can use while using your tutorial as a guide ?.
        Regarding the OS, it’s 3.0.1, since Motorola did not upgrade the OS to 3.1 in Europe.

  2. xoto says:

    Hi Sensei ! I m from Argentina (yes Argentina, in South America) and I have a 3G Xoom (the MZ605 Model) and it has an Android 3.0 Version, but since then it doesn´t work in 3G (doesn´t recognize any Sim Card) . The question is, it would be probably that the version of Android that I have it could no be for a 3G Xoom model ? would you recomend me to root it and instal the ICS ? thanks for your help..-

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