How To Enhance Your User Interface

So I have been working on videos on using different widget apps, backgrounds, and themes and thought I would share them all in a thread for you. I have a similar thread in the Xoom forum, but thought I would share with other devices. All of this was done on a Xoom but this easily works on any Honeycomb Device with the exception to my last step 5 which has to do with theming,(this is device specific), but if the maker of a theme executed correctly, you can follow the same steps to install the theme. I go through various tools but they do follow an order from start to finish. This is not an exact perfect way to use each of these widgets I am talking about, but its a way that worked for me. I hope you enjoy and find this useful.

Big shoutouts to everyone. I give credits in my video, sorry if I miss you here. Submicron, BigDogRush, BigDX, Ghoticov, XDA Community in General (You guys rock!!!)

Please note that towards the end I switched colors to Blue instead of the Orange theme I have in the beginning.

Honeycomb Custom Interface

Circle Launcher:
Circle Launcher Tutorial

BigDX Theme:
Android Honeycomb Custom Theme

1: Minimalistic Text

2: Minimalistic Text Part 2

3: Minimalistic Text Part 3

4: Circle Launcher

5: Using a Custom Theme from BigDX

Wallpaper Created by SubMicron:

Circle Launcher Icons PSD: Download Here

Circle Launcher PNGs: (right-click and save as image)

Customized SubMicron Wallpaper (Edited like mine with Blue on edges helps with centering Wallpaper on Xoom, blue does not show on wallpaper): Download Here

5 Responses to How To Enhance Your User Interface

  1. kanly23 says:

    Hi Ninja, got a question for you regarding your video for Big DX’s theme. Right now I am running a stock non-rooted wifi only Xoom and strongly leaning towards rooting it. I read through the XDA thread about the Xoom Zoom theme and noticed some people having issues with wifi versions (losing the status bar) and I hadnt seen anything at all about 3.2 on there. So my question is if I root to 3.2 stock will the Big DX theme work?

    Thanks in advance for your time…love your write up’s and videos.


  2. novalovr66 says:

    Ninja, I have a question regarding the BigDG theme you made a video of. I installed this theme last night and for some reason when I go to install a widget it does not show the preview like the one in the video. It only shows the list view. I am also getting a different settings´╗┐ view when I touch the clock in the lower right corner. Any thoughts about what could be causing this? I am rooted running the Tiamat moray 3.2 ROM.

    Love the videos, they helped me greatly enhance my Xoom!

  3. rohitanand says:

    Hi can you please tell me what is the HEX number for the Blue Widgets that you used in the BigDX theme ?
    Thank You !!!!

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