Some Camera Love: Canon DSLR Hooked up to the Nexus 7

DSLR Canon Nexus 7Out of the box your Nexus 7 , Xoom, and other Android tablets can interconnect with many other different devices. Being able to connect your camera in a plug and play fashion really adds some nice features to your tablet with the ability to easily upload the photos on your device and view them on the beautiful screen, you can make basic edits, or even immediatly post to facebook/google+/ or other places. But the fun shouldn’t stop there. Androids open development platform allows for anyone to create wonderful camera apps including one that I will be showing you that allows you to control yoru Canon DSLR on your Android device using a very intuitive touch interface. This should be a good example to the possibilites that your Camera and Android Tablet can take you.

Thank you for watching!

Connect your Camera to Download its Photos

Control your Canon DSLR

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