Unboxing Nexus 7 & Overview of Free Google Play Content

Unboxing Nexus 7 from Google Play If you guys saw the picture on Google+ and Facebook, I am sure you knew immediately what was arriving today. So I grabbed the box out of the UPS guys hands, went straight into the office, sat in front of the camera and opened it up. So if your interested in seeing exactly what your Nexus 7 will look like if you ordered it from the Google Play store, then this is the article for you. I also show you how the free content factors in…. including the $25 to the Google Play Store. I’m pretty sure the retailers don’t get this ( let me know if I’m wrong) so getting it from Play Store I highly recommend!!! Please follow me on Google+ ( sleeplessninjaz@gmail.com ) or check me out on Facebook. I am still deeply devoted to my Xoom. And honestly I prefer the 10″ real estate, (not to diss the Nexus 7 cause I do think its wonderful) , but I am not abandoning any posting or videos on the Xoom.

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