How To Root Your Xoom Running Honeycomb 3.1

How to Root Your Xoom from Stock 3.1 This is a much requested guide. I broke everything into separate videos to help simplify everything and in case you already know the steps you don’t have to watch through them. There are a total of 4 videos, an intro that explains what you need to download and prep. Then there is the 3 phase videos which explain the process of rooting. Before starting the phases there is some minor prep work so lets begin with this. Thank you everyone for your patience as I pieced this together. This will work with US 3G & Wifi Xoom and should work with Non US Wifi. However if you install using a Non US 3G Xoom you will loose 3G support.


Download Android SDK(for adb/fastboot):

For more info on the Android SDK and how to utilize it I recommend watching this guide here:

Download the Latest TIAMAT Approved ClockworkMod Recovery: (You will want to place this within your Android SDK folder in the platform-tools folder)

Download System/Bootloader/and 3G files needed for Root and place them on a micro-SD card. Then install this micro-SD in your Xoom. (You will not need to the 3G file if you do not have a 3G Xoom)

System File: Download Here
Bootloader File: Download Here
3G file(3G US Xoom Only) : Download Here

One this prep has been done its time to start the phases. In the phases it will say to download the necessary files, these are already completed within this prep work and only here in case someone is not following this complete guide.

Phase 1 : Unlocking the Bootloader

Phase 2: Installing ClockworkMod Recovery (Tiamat Approved)

Phase 3: Time to Install the Root Files Via ClockworkMod Recovery

Special Thanks to Bigrushdog, Solarnz, Team Tiamat, and just XDA-Community, Android Net including on of my fav Moderators Steady Hawkin, and my viewers!!!

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94 Responses to How To Root Your Xoom Running Honeycomb 3.1

  1. ranger says:

    Going through your instructions. There is a step where you have to “Download the Latest TIAMAT Approved ClockworkMod Recovery”. When I go to that link, they have two files, 1) for FLASHED THROUGH CWM and 2) for FLASHED THROUGH FASTBOOT. You did not make a distinction, so I looked at your “Installing ClockworkMod Recovery” and it looks like you do a flashboot, so I chose file 2.

    Interestingly, your procedure has us transferring files via the SD card. In my unrooted xoom the SD card does not work (I have 3.1 but am USA) or at least that is what I am told. Does this mean that the SD Card does indeed work, or does it mean that after rooting, the SD card will now work?


    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      Lots of good questions.

      So the reason why you need the special ClockworkMod Recovery is because it can use the SDcard. Its a special recovery program that runs on the Xoom that has use of the Micro SDcard slot. This program actually does not run in the Honeycomb OS. But going into it fully would be too much details.

      So the important thing to take from this is that it is a special version of ClockworkMod that has access to the Xooms SD Slot. This is independent of the fact that the Honeycomb OS has access or not.

  2. ranger says:

    You mention that when you “unlock the bootloader” this will erase all your user data.
    By this, do you mean that when the rooting process is done, my xoom will appear to be just like the xoom when I first got it? Any apps, music, pictures, etc that I have put on the xoom since I first got it and prior to rooting will now be gone?
    Not that this is a big deal for me, I just want to make sure that I understand what you are saying.


    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      Your pictures and music should be safe and documents should be safe. But your user date, like your background, system preferences, applications and data associated with them, will be erased.

  3. ranger says:

    After the root process is complete what happens when a new system update, say 3.2 becomes available? Will it automatically overwrite my xoom wiping out root? Will I have to reverse the process and take my xoom back to 3.1 non-root to install 3.2?
    In either case, I would imagine that some backup procedure is required on my part so that I will not lose my xoom environment. Any suggestions?


    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      This is completely dependent on how the update is provided. It could brick your xoom or it could remove your root access.

      One of the big rules of rooting is to be patient and wait a day or two for the developer community to make a root update. Don’t install the normal update. If you follow XDA you will be able to see when the updates are out as soon as possible and follow their steps to get it updated. I can’t promise to be as quick as XDA, but will provide my videos as soon as I can. As for Wifi 3.2 that is out now, I don’t have a WiFi Xoom, and I’m not sure when I will get a hold of one to do the update. So I cannot do a video on it and I’m not sure when I will release it.

      ClockworkMod Recovery is what I use to backup the Xoom OS and then for the App data I use Titanium Backup.

      • ranger says:

        I guess what you are saying is that ClockworkMod Recovery returns the xoom to a basic 3.1 xoom.

        When you use Titanium Backup, to what device do you back the xoom to?

        • Sensei Sleepness says:

          ClockworkMod Recovery is a backup and restore. It also can install updates. It is capable of returning the xoom to a basic 3.1. That is what one of the guides are for. But thats not the strict intention.

          The basic flow when your installing new updates or different versions of the Honeycomb OS is you backup your Apps in Titanium. Then backup your System in ClockworkMod Recovery in case the install goes wrong or if you want to return to that current state. Then go and install your new update or customized OS ( people call them Roms or custom kernels) . Then when the Rom is installed you can reinstall your apps using Titanium Backup.

          Everything is stored on your Xooms hardrive. However when you reset your xoom, basically all the User Data is reset. This means your xoom goes back to the state when you first purchased it. However if you have music, files, or backup files from Titanium they will not be cleared. This is because they are not attached to your User Data and will be left alone.

  4. ranger says:


    After rooting, will the micro SD card be completely functioning or do I need to apply some other patch for that?

    I have seen that with 3.1, with the proper cable, you can attach USB devices to the xoom. However, flash drives and external USB disk drives do not work. Will this root process fix this, or will I need to apply some other patch for this?


    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      Root doesn’t really fix any of these things.

      Root gives you Root Access. This mean you have privileges you normally do not have access to on your Xoom. This means you can access and change System Files you normally can’t. Other developers than develop programs or updates to your Xoom to enable features, like the SDcard or reading USB drives, backing up your Xoom, ect.. .

      Rooting doesn’t enable these features, just opens up the door for someone to develop these features and for you to install them on your xoom so you can have them.

    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      You will not have the SD card from Root. You will need the Tiamat Rom. But I do have a guide for that :)

  5. ranger says:


    You say that you use Titanium to back up your files onto your xoom’s internal drive. Perhaps that is all that is possible at this point, but for me, I would much prefer to have my backups on an external drive (USB flash, MicroSD, PC). This way not only are the files truly safe, but you don’t eat up the space on your internal drive. Is this a limitation of Titanium?

    Secondly, I love my xoom, but I am frustrated in that I cannot use the MicroSD or attach a USB storage device to my xoom. I have read, that there are some hacks for both of these, but one needs root. That is why I am trying to obtain root. I am surprised that you have not looked into these things. For you, is your use of root to install ROM’s? Do these ROM’s fix the two problems I mentioned?


    • Sensei Sleepness says:

      Hi Ranger,

      The Xoom’s is similar to any computer when it comes to its files. Just because its stored on your Xooms HD doesn’t mean you can’t hook it up to your computer and store it there, or store them on your sdcard, or a USB stick. Titanium Backup also has a new app extension that can let you store your information in the ‘cloud.’ So your not just limited to that. Its just the default.

      And I do talk about getting MicroSD working and storage devices, I have looked at these things, please look at my TIAMAT videos. I do talk about this. The best way to read files from yoru SD Card right now is through Tiamat they currently have a Rom version but my prior videos in the past have it as a kernel. Or if you have a WiFi Xoom you can install the SD Card 3.2 OS update. I don’t think you need root for this even because its the official update, its rolling out slowly and probably within the next 2 weeks you will get it automatically. Or you can go to XDA forums and they have a guide on installing it now. I dont have a WiFi xoom, I have a 3g, I borrow a friends Wifi to make those videos but I dont’ have access to one right now so I can’t make Wifi video for the update.

  6. ranger says:


    This morning I got the message on my xoom that 3.2 was ready to be downloaded onto my unit. I quickly searched the net to determine what this would mean. Since it looked like the microSD card would now work, I decided to hold off rooting (for now) and go for 3.2

    It does indeed recognize the microSD card, but the xoom itself cannot write to it (they really want to drag this thing out!).
    It still does not recognize USB external storage devices.

    So I will wait until there is a procedure to root the 3.2 wifi xoom. I suspect that it won’t be very different, if at all.


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