How To Root Your Xoom Running Honeycomb 3.1

How to Root Your Xoom from Stock 3.1 This is a much requested guide. I broke everything into separate videos to help simplify everything and in case you already know the steps you don’t have to watch through them. There are a total of 4 videos, an intro that explains what you need to download and prep. Then there is the 3 phase videos which explain the process of rooting. Before starting the phases there is some minor prep work so lets begin with this. Thank you everyone for your patience as I pieced this together. This will work with US 3G & Wifi Xoom and should work with Non US Wifi. However if you install using a Non US 3G Xoom you will loose 3G support.


Download Android SDK(for adb/fastboot):

For more info on the Android SDK and how to utilize it I recommend watching this guide here:

Download the Latest TIAMAT Approved ClockworkMod Recovery: (You will want to place this within your Android SDK folder in the platform-tools folder)

Download System/Bootloader/and 3G files needed for Root and place them on a micro-SD card. Then install this micro-SD in your Xoom. (You will not need to the 3G file if you do not have a 3G Xoom)

System File: Download Here
Bootloader File: Download Here
3G file(3G US Xoom Only) : Download Here

One this prep has been done its time to start the phases. In the phases it will say to download the necessary files, these are already completed within this prep work and only here in case someone is not following this complete guide.

Phase 1 : Unlocking the Bootloader

Phase 2: Installing ClockworkMod Recovery (Tiamat Approved)

Phase 3: Time to Install the Root Files Via ClockworkMod Recovery

Special Thanks to Bigrushdog, Solarnz, Team Tiamat, and just XDA-Community, Android Net including on of my fav Moderators Steady Hawkin, and my viewers!!!

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