How to Connect Wireless XBOX 360 Controller to Android Honeycomb 3.1

Xbox Controller on Android Honeycomb Its a question that floats arounds. Can you hook your Wireless Xbox Controller to your Android 3.1 device? The short answer is yes. However you cannot directly connect your controller. You see the Playstation and Wii controllers use a standardized wireless communication called Bluetooth. However Xbox uses its own form of communication and most devices (i can’t even think of one besides the xbox) do not have this receiver built in for them to receive xbox controller input. However there was a device made for the PC not too long ago that was a wireless receiver dongle. This actually works pretty well on the Xoom and most of the controller functionality is there. It costs around $20 and if you play on the PC as well its a bonus to be able to use it there. Check out my video on how it works and make your decision. As always it is a pleasure!

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