Minimalistic Text Tutorial for Android

User Interface Honeycomb One of the greatest thing Android brings to the table is the ability to customize your user interface. There is no wall of applications, you can make it your own. So I am now going to begin my journey of redoing my interface again. This time with a different type of style and flare. Each and every step to my new User Interface will be recorded. This will give you a great overview of the wonderful User Interface Applications out there and how to use them properly to create your own customized interface. Today I am focusing on setting up my wallpaper as well as a introduction to Minimalistic Text. So prepare my young apprentices as this Sensei takes you on a journey of knowledge.

If you looking for the author of the wallpaper please check out SubMicron here :

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111 Responses to Minimalistic Text Tutorial for Android

  1. fb_avatar Jeadilson says:

    Very nice tutorial… pitty the app does not have a landscape mode…

  2. RobPaterson says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips for xoom customization…watching your stuff has helped me to enjoy my xoom even more than I did!

    I have been trying like crazy to get wallpaper to work properly using a variety of images…but they all seem to be way to big. Do you have any tips for an exact xoom optimized size and is there a way to get the same image to show up on each pages instead of a huge one that I see portions of as I scroll around?


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