Snesoid App: Super Nintendo on the Android Honeycomb Xoom

Snes on Xoom So Unfortunately the N64oid Emulator is temporarily unavailable through the App Market. But from word on the XDA Forums the dev is revamping the App and it will be better than ever. However the N64oid was a new kid on the block when it came to emulators. There is emulator by the same developer that is sure to win your hearts, Snesoid. Super Nintendo on the Android Honeycomb, yes this is true and yes it works really well. I’ve been using it for well over a year on my original Droid, a super powerful android CPU/GPU isn’t required. With a large plethora of classic nostalgic games and the ability to play using a controller and hook to the TV, you now have a portable Super Nintendo, that is almost as good as the real console itself. Check out the video.

Please note there is an error in video. The rom website is with no ‘s’

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