How To Root Your 3G Xoom

Root Xoom 3G So I finally felt like it was time to root my Xoom. My device sadly caught a bug somewhere down the line that would fill the hard-drive up slowly over time with no way of freeing up that space. You can check out the bug in an older post Bug: Full Hard Drive . With Root access I will be able to fully backup my Xoom and if I run into problems I will have to restore it completely instead of losing all my app data. Rooting your device is not a simple task. This is for someone with a technical background. Rooting does void your warranty. So if you don’t want to do that, do not root. To enable a root by following these steps you also will have to reset your data on your Xoom. So this is a big decision, please don’t take this lightly. You also could potentially brick your device, rendering it useless. So please keep all of this in mind, the Xoom was an expensive investment, and you might not want to take this risk.

So in order to root you will need to download a couple of files and store them in your Android SDK folder/platform-tools/. The link to download the files can be found at the wonderful XDA forums in this this thread regarding rooting a xoom. Please also refer to this thread for any detail that I left out as well as for assistance, it is an amazing and helpful community. So below I am going to list the text that I will be entering into the Terminal. These steps complement the video.

Steps to Enter into Terminal
1. adb reboot bootloader (You can skip the next 3 steps if you’ve unlocked with fastboot previously)
2. fastboot oem unlock
3. adb reboot bootloader
4. fastboot flash boot rootboot.img
5. fastboot reboot
6. adb remount
7. adb push su /system/bin/
8. adb shell (everything from here is within the shell, up to the exit)
9. ln –s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su
10. chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
11. exit
12. adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/

So there are now fireworks, bells, and whistles, after you finish rooting. So how do you know? Well there is an App called Root Check made by a great member from the XDA Community. With a simple press of the button you will know if you have rooted your device. Check it out!

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